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About Douglas Dental Care

Established in 1996, Dr. Douglas and his staff at Douglas Dental Care have been proudly providing dental services to the Burlington community ever since. We pride ourselves on providing quality dental care with the latest technology. We strive to make our small, boutique-style dental office comfortable, while emphasizing quality dental care over expensive procedures. You can be assured, when you visit us, that you are receiving the best care available.
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Dr. Eric Douglas


Dr. Douglas hails from the Isle of Arran, off the coast of Scotland. As a young man, he dreamed of attaining a university education and becoming a Dentist. Being from a poor family, he achieved this by earning the Duke of Montrose Memorial Award.


Dr. Douglas attended Glasgow University and qualified in 1988 at the age of 23. While there, Dr. Douglas lived with a Canadian roommate whose talk of Canada inspired him to emigrate here.


Dr. Douglas' first job was working in Yellowknife, N.W.T. and after 6 months he was transferred to Iqaluit, Nunavut “to get a taste of the real arctic”. Of his experience in the north, Dr Douglas says, “In Yellowknife I got two parking tickets in my first month but in Iqaluit I could drive my Ski Doo down the main road!”


After three years in the High Arctic, Dr Douglas transferred to Newfoundland where he worked for three years at Grennfell Regional Health Services. In his own words “At the time, I resented being in the middle of nowhere, but, on reflection, it gave me an opportunity for adventure that I never would have experienced in the city. Where else could I deliver a baby, help trauma victims or fly in a helicopter?"


After passing the Canadian National Dental Boards exam on his first attempt, Dr. Douglas was able to go wherever he wanted. He travelled across Canada and decided on Calgary. However, the winters were too much of a reminder of his time in the North, so Dr Douglas moved to Burlington in 1996. “Burlington was a bit of a surprise to me; an undiscovered jewel of great public spaces and excellent job opportunities. It’s no surprise that this city is consistently ranked in the top 3 places to live in Canada.”


Dr Douglas married his wife, Amy, in 2000 and together they are proudly raising their four children in North Burlington. Mrs. Douglas says that he has too many hobbies but Dr. Douglas' favourites are sailing, windsurfing and travel.

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